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We make it enjoyable again. Find safe restaurants & menu items for your food restriction/(s).

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Get a curated list of restaurants when you filter by your food restriction. We only list businesses we’ve been to or talked to.

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We show you how each restaurant trains their staff & what food restrictions they feel confident catering to.

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MyMeal partners have a filterable allergy menu where you can see what your options are and exactly how to order them safely.

"SO MANY OPTIONS!!!! And sooo delicious. My nightly routine is now checking the app know where I'm eating next 😂"
"The Denver filterable menus have allowed for me to try local restaurants that originally had me leery."
"Finally used your menus last night for Postinos! Super helpful and I didn't get sick. They where already super knowledgeable about cross contact!"
"I'd never heard of Xatrucho before MyMeal published their allergen menu. Little did I know, it's located right around the corner from my office in the Tech Center."

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