How it Works

MyMeal is meant for those of us with food restrictions that are tired of eating out being so hard and time consuming. Our mission is to provide a SAFE and STRESS FREE dining experience for all.

1. Sign up for Texts

Text “ALLERGY” to 720-706-5843 and we will notify you when we add new restaurants in your area that meet your restrictions. You’ll never miss an opportunity to eat out stress free.

2. We Collect Data from the Restaurant

We do all the hard work for you. Kayla, our CEO & Celiac of 17 yrs personally contacts the restaurant to interview them about their cross contact procedures, what food restrictions they are comfortable and confident catering to, what they are dedicated free of, and some options they have for the free from community. Each listing is made with the most severe allergy in mind to make sure you have all the information you need to feel safe trying a new place.

3. Order Directly from MyMeal

Each listing will have a button where you can order online or make a reservation at that restaurant. We also link out to any allergy or gluten free menu that the restaurant has available. Some of our featured listings will have interactive allergy menus made directly by us that include information on any modifications you need to make the dish & the cross contact procedures of each dish.