We make food allergies your superpower.

We don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to gain a loyal customer for life. Especially when there's 85 million of them looking for you.

Why offer an allergen menu?

Our filterable allergy menus put you and your staff back in control so you can feel confident serving any customer that comes your way.

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Customer Loyalty

92% of guests with food allergies will return frequently after having a positive experience eating out.

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Boost in Revenue

Accommodating allergic guests can boost your restaurant's profit margin by 24%

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Avoid a Lawsuit

Nearly 50% of food allergy related fatalities occur in eating establishments.

Create a positive experience.
Every time.

1. Guests scan allergy menu QR code

Our QR codes are subtle and can match your branding seemlessly - either on printed menus or as a sticker on your tables.

example of mymeal menu aside another restaurants
example of mymeal menu aside another restaurants

2. Guests can customize the menu based on their food restrictions

Every MyMeal menu can be filtered by at least 8 of the most common allergens/dietary restrictions, but your restaurant can select as many allergens as you wish to cater to!

3. In order to view your menu, guests must accept a legal disclaimer, keeping you from a lawsuit

While we try to keep your restaurant's menu as up to date as possible, we understand your kitchen has a constantly changing ingredient list.

example of mymeal menu aside another restaurants
example of mymeal menu aside another restaurants

4. No need to ask questions about your cross-contact procedures, because it's all right there

When generating your restaurants menu, we provide instructions to prevent cross-contact that customers can relay to their server.

5. Guests can order without your server wasting time confirming information with the BOH staff

Our allergen information comes from the most reliable source - you. Each menu is customized with your restaurant's abilities to cater to food allergies.

example of mymeal menu aside another restaurants

MyMeal menus provide a transparent, stress-free experience for both parties - and create loyal customers.


Break Up with Allergen Charts.

I'm guessing you label Gluten Free and Vegan on the menu. Or maybe you have an allergen chart. These resources are hard to use, often labeled incorrectly and don't tell the customer the whole story.

Our certified nutrition specialists do all the hard work for you so all you have to focus on is providing an exceptional customer experience.

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