Why we are building MacroMenu

Hi my name is Kayla King and I am a certified nutrition and health coach who has lived with celiac disease since I was 8 years old. I know first hand how difficult it is to eat out with dietary restrictions (especially severe ones). You always have to ask a million and one questions before finding something safe to eat and by the end of the conversation you’re just so exhausted that you would rather eat plain vegetables with nothing on them that you can make better at home. I think this is unfair. 

We should be able to enjoy good food, go out with family and friends, and have a stress free experience. That’s why we’ve created MacroMenu. We need to have the answers to our questions in advance and work with the restaurants to figure out if they can cater to us. I have made it my mission to make you feel like you can enjoy your meal out just like everyone else.

Kayla King

Co-Founder & CEO