Full Gluten Free Denver Restaurant Guide

This guide includes MacroMenu restaurant suggestions by food type, 60 gluten-free menu links, 13 dedicated gluten-free facilities, 25 detailed write-ups from kitchen walkthroughs, and 26 write-ups from chatting with a host or waiter.



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What is MacroMenu?

Hi, my name is Kayla King. I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease when I was 8 years old and am now a certified health and nutrition coach.

MacroMenu exists to help provide a safe and stress-free dining experience for anyone and everyone. Our vision is to create transparent eating for all. 

I was tired of asking a million questions….

I was tired of the staff not being educated…

I was tired of the lack of resources to look at…

I was tired of not feeling normal…

This is why I interviewed and walked through 40 restaurants in the Denver area and called 100. I asked all those restaurants detailed questions to save you time, effort, and embarrassment.


What’s Our Goal?

March 2021 we are launching an app that allows you to filter by your dietary restrictions to find safe restaurants and allergy menus near you. 

MacroMenu reviewed restaurants are places I personally went to vet. I sat down with the chef and asked them anything from what they put on every countertop, grill, and flattop to how they would handle cross-contact for each allergen. I walked through the kitchen to verify the information and read several ingredient labels.

Our goal is to work with restaurants to create filterable menus down to the ingredient to give you back the control over your health that you deserve.

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